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Our aim at Western Church of England Primary School is to create a rich language environment for all children so that writing is experienced in a dynamic relationship with reading, speaking and listening. We recognise the importance of the home-school partnership. When teachers and parents work together and share an interest and enthusiasm for a child’s writing it fosters positive attitudes and enables children to make good progress. Writing is a complex process that requires children to orchestrate a number of skills in order to write independently. Any writing task requires pupils to attend to:
  • The content/ideas 
  • The organisation of ideas and content - the way these are sequenced and connected to one another to suit the specific task or genre 
  • The choice of language  
  • The accuracy and correctness of expression, grammar (including sentence structure), spelling and punctuation 
  • Presentation (may be genre specific), including handwriting. 
Writing, like speaking, is an active process and requires skilled teaching and opportunities to write for a purpose and for an audience. Children respond positively when there is a real context for the writing activity. They need to be motivated, engaged and to feel successful. At Western careful consideration is given to creating a positive writing climate, planning and teaching.

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